Sun enters Scorpio

This opens the way for you to say what you need to in an expansive manner.

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You can lose fear or shame when it comes to expressing what you have on your mind. This is a great day for journaling and writing, and breaking down big ideas into small ones, especially if you've gotten something you want to accomplish that requires solving a problem. Cancer, everything in your life at this moment may seem catastrophic and just a hair from exploding, but recognize that this mess can result from something new and perfect.

You may have wanted change but the way in which the change happened was not the way you were expecting and that is okay.

Daily Horoscopes: December 23, - VICE

Life may throw you a curve ball when it comes to your property at the moment. If you are considering buying new property or moving your progress will be slowed down. The Moon in your sign works with Saturn to remove obstacles or what you don't need in your life. You might find that you lose something or a relationship that is toxic or completely unnecessary in the next few weeks. Leo, success, and achievement are all you want right now.

Your natural ability to be a leader and dominant have driven you to want to keep going for success. So with the support of family and especially your father or any significant male figure in your life, you will achieve greatness.

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The important men in your life can also help you with any advice or assistance you need to achieve greatness. Your ruling planet, the Sun wants you to focus on work related matters, and this can make you feel more driven than usual to be noticed by your peers or to be recognized for who you are. Virgo, you as most people are afraid of going through something terrible and life-changing. You must remember that going through tough times can create space for something new and wonderful.

Venus enters Scorpio

If your difficult time includes losing a job, a bereavement, divorce, or a break up know that these difficult experiences will create new opportunities for you. You may hear something stated in a conversation that confirms what you have suspected to be true and give you the energy or determination to switch from being dependent on another person in a way you had once thought you'd like to be.

Libra, your life is about to go through beneficial changes. Now you will experience an end to something and new opportunities will arise, so take the time to reflect on the life you lived before. Your peaceful demeanor will make you feel at ease with the new changes.

This new opportunity will bring you success and joy, so enjoy the result of your past efforts. Your ruling planet Venus works well with Saturn today.

You can expect some of the most productive days of your life when it comes to love, managing projects and finding what you are looking for if you're out shopping. Scorpio, you typically have a calm and cool demeanor so the fear you have of everything taking a turn for the worst is a little unlike you. Sporty activity, positive attitudes and happy pastimes help to rejuvenate energy. You can get moody and depressed but need to lighten up.

Colour green. There is good fortune attending professional, personal and material aspects! There is grace and beauty in your being and you achieve success at work! Children bring joy. Get in touch with older relatives or your mother for a deeper insight in to family situations.

December 23rd Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Lucky number 3. Colour pink. It's important to remain clear about your decisions and priorities. You are true to yourself and find it hard to play games in relationships.

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You need to remain centered and aware through a difficult and confused time to make new beginnings. Stick to your truths. You are bound to make the best choice by listening to your inner voice and wisdom. You are not about to fit into social norms or fulfill other's expectations at the cost of your own priorities. Build your own set of values rather than follow those given to you. Lucky number The Hanged Man brings inner transformation and changes in your life! Be realistic. Learn from past experience and get on with your life rather than repeat old patterns.

Endings and beginnings are on the cards! A positive attitude in relationships brings healing. Your friends and family always marvel at your ability to keep a cool head, but they may be most impressed with your determination. Whenever you are met with a challenge you feel is worth while, there is no obstacle that keep you from conquering it. Earth is the elemental pair of the Capricorn and of all 12 zodiac signs, you are the only one to have a fundamental connection to the element. Your unique connection with Earth makes you active and practical in your pursuits. It is the influence of Earth that keeps you grounded and focused on the here and now.

If you continue to embrace the positive influences of Earth, your prudence will become a great asset. Be careful to avoid crossing the thin line between prudence and over-cautiousness, as this may lead to you missing valuable experiences.