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Because I am applying several astrological techniques, only the most obvious patterns have been tabled. Each degree of geographic longitude is understood to correspond to a degree of the zodiac. Currently transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius is conjunct the Australian Geodetic Ascendant, indicating that Australia and its people should benefit from the result of this election.

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The fact that transiting Jupiter is about to return to the Australian natal Jupiter position 25deg. Sagittarius heralds a new 12 year Jupiter cycle, which does not represent reaping, but planting new strong seeds for the future. Further reaping will take time and patience. Also in that article I examined the charts of several recent past Prime Ministers and found that most had a particular birth planet conjunct the Australian Geodetic Midheaven 29 deg.

Let us not forget that this degree is conjunct the fixed star Regulus, a point of continuing good fortune for Australia. Those with positively placed natal planets or points at this degree in their birth charts are likely to experience good opportunities in this country.


In a particular time frame for birth years, slow moving Pluto the planet of power, transformation and major upheavals was close to the Australian Geodetic Midheaven, notably for the births of Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd. It is not surprising that so many changes have occurred for these people in the context of their Australian leadership.

John Howard was born with natal Mercury the planet of communication within 5 degrees of the Geodetic Midheaven, suggesting the ability to communicate well and be understood by the people. Scott Morrison was born with Jupiter the planet of expansion, optimism and good luck conjunct the Geodetic Midheaven -- as was Paul Keating.

Bill Shorten has no planets conjunct the Geodetic Midheaven. His Pluto is 18deg. Jupiter is 31 degrees from the Geo Midheaven. It cannot be said that a significant planet conjunct the Australian Geodetic Midheaven at birth is a requirement for Australian Prime Ministers, however it is surprising how many PMs do have this pattern.

Transiting Sun and Mercury also form a square to his natal Jupiter. This election pattern could activate Mr.

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The fact that Mr. Morrison has Saturn conjunct the Moon Node axis in his natal chart means that during his life he has had time to understand and work with it. Also of interest is Mr. Hughes' blind imperialism eventually forced a national referendum on the issue. Hughes was defeated. A closely divided nation had voted down conscription. The serving soldiers voted 72, for and 58, against—interesting considering the pressure they would have been under to support the motion. Hughes refused to accept the public's will. He was to present the referendum again, and he would be defeated a second time.

But not before he was expelled from the Labor Party on November 14 The North Node was moving through Capricorn as Hughes crossed the floor and formed a governing coalition with the Liberals. It was expected that Francis Forde would succeed him, but the Victorian unionist John Curtin prevailed in a shock victory.

Curtin went on to become one of the great Labor leaders, in what was a relatively painless handover compared with the following eclipse cycle. The cagey Menzies was brilliantly utilising 'red menace' and 'domino theory' fear tactics on a susceptible nation, still recovering from the ravages of WWII.

Menzies attempted to ban communism altogether, but like Hughes was beaten in a national referendum. With an election looming he needed a new political card to play. Enter the infamous 'Petrov' affair. The Petrov case involved two Russian diplomats, whose time had expired in Australia, being offered political asylum in exchange for information on the KGB.

Menzies ordered Mrs Petrov's plane grounded at Darwin, as she was dramatically rescued by the Federal Police. It made for perfect political theatre a month before the election. But the Petrov affair lit the fire for the right wing faction of the Labor Party to make a decisive move—a move that was to fracture Labor unity. This eventually led to the formation of the DLP [ Democratic Labor Party, a right-leaning, Catholic-based party that fragmented the Labor movement for many years —ed. It had immediate repercussions: Liberal Henry Bolte becoming Premier of Victoria for the next seventeen years and Labor in the federal wilderness for the same period.

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His stay was to be short-lived. America, and its lopsided laws, obscenely favouring the rich, allow characters like Trump. Corruptions that can black hole global economies. The timing of Trump's IRS records surfacing, roughly thirty years later, is highly auspicious. It represents one Saturn cycle completing - the renowned Saturn return when the deeds of the past return for judgement.

Years just prior to Trump's biggest risks and biggest bankruptcies. Now he is playing dice with the world economy and chicken with Congress. Battle ground Mars is now in the late degrees of Gemini. That's Trump's Sun, positioned at birth with his defiant Uranus. We can expect fiery encounters when combative Mars moves through Gemini.

Trump is at war with Congress, he is at trade war with China, he is at his unco-operative best But one thing never changes; his birth chart which neither he, nor the nation, can escape from. As I write this column, judicial Jupiter is precisely opposing Trump's birth Sun and sitting astride his birth Moon. It aptly depicts a legal stand off and a family member the Moon being involved. Jupiter has been stationing opposite his Sun since March 8, just prior to the delivery of the Mueller report. The gas giant is now in retrograde motion. Jupiter's retracement through the heavens can stall legal matters, as it backs off temporarily while they are fully sorted.

This continues until August this year, when Jupiter resumes forward momentum and returns to oppose Trump's Sun, and joins his Moon, for the third time in late October. But truthfully no-one expected this to have a quick ending. Events are following the same pattern of , when Nixon ducked transparency at every opportunity.

Accountable Saturn is also now in a challenging square to Trump's Jupiter, and will in the medium term future, oppose his Venus and Saturn Pluto the powers that be is heading in the same direction. Saturn also went retrograde at the beginning of May, right around the time William P. Barr was a no show.

We have to wait until mid-September before Saturn heads forward again. It will come into square with his Jupiter, which is placed in his house of finance, in early July and again by the end of November. These powerful and ongoing transits by Jupiter and Saturn, describe this as the beginning of the end, rather than end of the beginning in my estimation. There is further evidence. Donald Trump is nearing the end of his secondary progressed lunar cycle. This closing, known as the Balsamic phase, presents a choice of going with the flow, or persist in swimming against the tide.

Life can seem out of control, unless you recognise it as a time to let go, move on and plant some fresh seeds for the future. At the most optimistic, one might interpret this as Trump forgoing his business career for a political path. For mine, he has already done this early in the Balsamic stage. His New Moon, due September this year, will be hard angled to Jupiter. So even if he has stacked the courts with Republican judges, escaping justice may not be so easy, when public perception turns.

When I combine that Moon cycle, with the current and future transits, especially the Saturn Pluto opposition looming, and the reality of his political opposition mounting, there comes a time. There comes a time when even the compliant Republicans will have to admit their Trumpist trepidation and face facts.

A time when the American public would demand transparency against overwhelming concealment. And we are closing on that time when the planetary alignments will make this inevitable. Now, back to for a moment. Recall my insistence that , is significant in looking at the timing and patterns of It's because the first three eclipses and the cycle of Mercury sign entries, retro, stations and forward movement etc repeat.

Mercury, the storyteller, is going over old ground here. The newspapers are running repeat headlines. March 22 — Special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, hands his long awaited report on the Russian investigation to newly appointed Attorney General, William Barr. McCord, Jr. He points the finger at former Attorney General John Mitchell as head honcho. May 01 — Attorney General William Barr appears before a Senate hearing but the following day fails to turn up before the Congressional hearing.

Haldeman and John Ehrlichman. May 17 — Televised hearings of the Watergate investigation begin on US television. We are now in the mid-May period and bound to see plenty of televised hearings. The most eagerly awaited witness is Mueller himself. But we're also a long way from Nixon's Saturday Night massacre. Trust the planets. This is not over by a long shot. It is getting more revealing by the day.

On May 18 , Australians will decide who will form the next government. We do it almost as often as we change our underwear, which isn't a bad analogy. In the last twelve years that makes for seven leadership changes, four without even going to the polls. The result? Only four in ten Australians believe that government can be trusted.

Around , turned 18 between and , and did not enrol to vote. That's two percent of a country where voting is compulsory. The growing disinterest from the next generation, concerning the democratic system and institutions should be a worry. It is driven by the behaviour of those entrusted to serve. Morrison and his baseball caps are no different. He is a sycophant to Big Brother. It was Rudd's second defeat - the first was at the hands of Shorten himself in a party coup.

This kind of Machiavellian manoeuvring has haunted the Labor leader since. He has constantly trailed his Liberal opponents in the preferred PM polling. And that's despite his own party leading the polls. The latter received sixty percent of the overall membership votes of around thirty thousand. But the Labor Caucus, consisting of only 86 senior figures, voted Shorten's way decisively.

This kind of distorted misrepresentation frustrates ordinary Australians. The system is rigged before you begin. There are other minor parties deciding who governs for The Greens are the largest. Their platform, like their global movement, is based on environmental concerns and protection. Unlike Liberal and Labor, the Greens pride themselves on not being connected to big business or multinationals. Their grass roots politics is distinctively left of centre, but leaning more toward Labor preferences. Then we have the straight out capitalist fringe dwellers.

Then he was reminded of how he actually owed millions to workers laid off from one of his failed mining projects, dating back three years. Palmer has suddenly vowed to square the books. Australia also experiences the hard right extremist movements, such as Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party. Anning supports the reintroduction of the racist White Australia policy, long removed from the nation's statutes. Anning's greatest fame arrived when he had an egg broken across this head, resulting him punching his attacker.

Such is the seriousness attached to his campaigning.

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Steve Bannon recently called Australian politics 'astonishingly dull'. It's one of the few points I would agree on, and I rarely write on it. Our principle polices are decided overseas. Anyone who decides to speak outside the square, on issues like Palestinian rights, is quickly silenced, branded and expected to apologise for breaking rank.

The result being that our first leader's debate was out rated by Lego-Masters. The national election is due on May 18, a mere fortnight away. A stellar player in it will be Uranus, the planet of unexpected upsets, reversals and uncertainties. It is affecting the two main Australian Settlement and Federation horoscopes.

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  • They are timed for January 26 The first represents British colonial settlement on Australian shores, the second, the colonies forming into one national state. In the past the Uranus cycle, has coincided with abrupt change of national leadership. It was prominent for the overthrow of previous PM, Malcolm Turnbull and it returned for Scott Morrison's landmark parliamentary defeat in February this year. At It was the first defeat for a sitting government since Stanley Bruce on September 10 Ironically, Phelps only came into parliament, via winning the blue ribbon Liberal seat of Wentworth, on October 20 last year.

    The incumbent, Malcolm Turnbull, resigned, after he was overthrown by a party coup on August 24 , catapulting Scott Morrison to PM. The aspects for Turnbull's capitulation accurately portrayed the events. Uranus, symbolising upsets, was squaring the Midheaven of Australian Federation, with Mars transiting square to the Ascendant. That was enough to represent unseating a PM. It should have come as no surprise, when Uranus returned to the last degrees of Aries and was joined by Mars, both in mundane square to the Nodes, that instability would return to Canberra. Check the chart below.

    Chaotic Uranus is coming back. And its timing will be affecting both the Australian Federation and First Settlement horoscopes, come the late April, May and June period. It gives us a hint of the political nature and probable outcome. As Uranus, re-entered the early degrees of Taurus, it simultaneously squared the Aquarian Midheaven of the Australian Federation horoscope, timed at The blue gas giant has proven form, for timing political reversals.

    As Uranus moves through the beginning degrees of Taurus it will also be opposing its position of 03SCO46, on November 11 , when Australia experienced its greatest 'constitutional crisis' with the sudden dismissal of the Whitlam government, following the Liberal Senates rejection of Supply. The last time Uranus moved through a fixed sign, making aspects to both the Federation Midheaven and First Settlement Sun, coincided with the Federal election of March 2 , ending 13 years of Labor rule, and elevating John Howard to the position of Prime Minister.

    Prior to that victory Howard had been painted as a perennial loser. The reversal being, he went on to become our second longest serving Prime Minister. We've been experiencing the Uranus return of No federal government fell that year as there was no election. But from The horoscopes of Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison are untimed. Complicating matters is their adjacent birthdays — Shorten is born May 12 Taurean and Morrison May 13 - only a year apart.

    We'll start with Bill Shorten, born on May 12 in Melbourne. In January, September and October of , Shorten's birth Sun is receiving three favourable trines from the power-broker Pluto. Both are welcome and potent aspects from Labor's perspective. This phase tends to be when the fruit falls from the trees. Third quarter phases are extremely supportive of increased career focus and heightened public involvement. So far it has worked that way for him. Shorten was the Labor leader for the early election, called by Malcolm Turnbull for July 2 The balance of power hung in doubt for over a week, until Shorten conceded defeat to a relieved Turnbull on July 10 On that basis he has retained Labor leadership.

    Scott Morrison was born on May 13 in Sydney. The standout similarity, as mentioned, is their similar degree Taurean birth Suns, each aligned with the same slow moving outers of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It means that Morrison's Sun receives the same strong transiting Pluto aspects that Shorten's does, with Morrison already in pole position as leader.

    Yet there are subtle differences between the two Suns. Shorten's current Pluto trine is being strengthened via this duplicate Mercury connection. Each of the leaders were born with their Suns opposing 'backroom' Neptune in manipulative Scorpio. This challenging opposition suggests a degree of mistrust or deception in associations; and it is politically fitting for both. Morrison and Shorten came to leadership following the internal axing of their party leaders. Morrison was the Treasurer in the Turnbull government.

    His path to leadership was conveniently created by an ill fated right wing overthrow of Turnbull. Morrison, viewed as the responsible centrist among the rabble, waltzed away with the candy at Shorten later switched sides, supporting a successful counter challenge from Rudd three years later. Gillard's political career ended from Rudd's electoral defeat left the door open for Shorten. The Pluto transits should work better for Shorten. Even his dubious natal Sun to Neptune opposition has some saving graces. This colours the original meaning, for partnerships may also offer sudden breaks and influential support.

    A further advantage to Shorten's solar aspects is his very close Sun to Uranus birth trine. Morrison does not have such solar precision with the outer planets, his orbs being slightly wider. This favours a Shorten victory in But without definite birth times , there are no certainties, just assumption. April Watching the majestic French cathedral of Notre Dame burning, followed by the terrorist attacks on Christian churches in Sri Lanka, has had many looking for an underlying theme.

    It's natural for humans to search for patterns and meaning. It's in our DNA. Even our nervous system loves wholeness. Yet sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous. All of this was greatly exacerbated by the timing of Easter, the holiest part of the Christian calendar. Is it all a signal that the end of the old order is nigh? Believing in the looming apocalypse is nothing new.

    It is much more predominant among the 'Abrahamic' religions. Yet despite an embarrassing two millennia long lack of success, in predicting the end date, one in six Americans, still believe that it will happen in their lifetime. It seems the end times are an endless phenomena for many. Including some Silicon Valley billionaires, buying up remote sanctuary's, in preparation for the eventual breakdown of the democratic system. If it has a beginning, it must have an end. It's part of a linear way of thinking. Birth, death the life cycle goes on.

    New Astrology! Australia in 2018-12222

    Sometimes it's the cycle part, the ever turning wheel that we don't get. It is how astrologers explain the rise and fall of civilisations, the birth of new ways of life and rationale, including religions doctrine. But even here the great cycle renewing — especially many at one time - can be a temptation to envision the end. Prominent English astrologers were said to predict the end of the world, starting with a deluge over London in February Even the prominent German astrologer and mathematician, Johannes Stoffler, nominated the date of the 24th as a sign of the Millennium.

    Over twenty thousand Londoners headed for higher grounds in fearful expectation. The astrological reasoning was a line up of all the visible planets in Pisces, the sign of the fish and symbol of Christianity. The union of Jupiter and Saturn made this extra important.

    These two 'kingmakers' were in a similar position as many astronomers believed they held at the birth of the Messiah. What the astrologers of those times didn't know was that Neptune, the planet of the seas and liquid and also delusion, was right with the royal duo. Neptune was not discovered until September 23 As usual the end never came but presented an extremely rare and impressive planetary line up and delivered well above average rainfall. There were some reports of storms with fish literally falling from the sky. It's not all that unusual in coastal areas.

    If you're wondering what sort of fish? I'd say small and battered But no accompanying loaves and alas no deluge of the Noah variety. An event of such monumental importance might be expected by such an impressive planetary line up. But rather than present an end of the world scenario, it was a sign of what came to be known as the New World. Even Martin Luther, the father of the Reformation, got into the act, nominating the end time as no later than Again it came and went, although London astrologers tried as the second deluge, for reasons unsupported by the planets.

    The lack of success produced predictions of an inverse proportion. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist church, missed out with his forecast of , and then came the famous Millerites. They were led by the fire and brimstone American preacher, William Miller, who even had precise dates for the end. After a few initial 'miscalculations' Miller settled on October 22 It is now remembered as the day of 'The Great Disappointment'.

    Thousands of faithful followers, many who had sold off their property and homes, were left looking skyward, awaiting the Great Messiah. Alas and alack — no chariots appeared. Miller's followers were estimated between 50 thousand to thousand, in a time when the entire population of the USA was just 17 million. And despite the 'disappointment' the need for a continuation of the belief created what is today the Seventh Day Adventists. Miller's home is now a national monument. Russell firmly believed that we were living in the end times and was a pivotal year.

    He was also a believer in Zionism the return of the Jews to reclaim Palestine and his ideas have been adopted by many other influential preachers, such as Henry Armstrong, and his son Ted, in the evangelistic movements. Henry became extremely popular using radio and later television, eventually appealing to a worldwide audience. The modern offshoots of Charles Russell's movements, such as Jehovah's Witnesses settled on too. Around this time they were the fastest growing religions in the world. But that slowed when the elusive second coming left the faithful flock still holding onto their tickets.

    For some, the evangelistic road has been the one to incredible wealth. Robert Tilton was a prime example. At the height of his fame, in the materialistic 80's, Tilton was making more than the pop superstars, Michael Jackson and Madonna. His church was the fastest growing in America and he was being broadcast across stations. Tilton wasn't promising a second coming, as much as a coming of material rewards for those who donated to his — the Lord's — cause. Tilton played on the guilt factor as a reason for one's poverty. The remedy being, send cheques his way, with whatever prayer request the sender may have.

    He would go into trance, claiming that he had just received a message that someone was donating — a nominal amount — and that person would be rewarded many times over. Amazingly, enough believed it to make him a multi-millionaire. It wasn't until the ABC's Prime-Time program presented an undercover investigation of just how Tilton's money making venture operated, including unopened prayer requests found in garbage bags, that the penny dropped. Tilton went into attack mode, defending his multiple properties and luxuriant lifestyle, with outrageous claims that he slept on those prayer requests until the ink went through his skin.

    But the judges skin wasn't so thick. It seems like the addictive fear of end times will not go away. Even Hollywood has a fascination with the apocalypse. Scientists are similarly attached to their nuclear inspired Doomsday Clock. It's mighty close to midnight. Others firmly believe that Donald Trump's presidency is a sign of the end being nigh.

    But a comparison of Donald Trump's birth planets with those of the opportunistic Robert Tilton might provide a clearer explanation of their dynamics. I'd like to say more, but unfortunately we have again reached the end. I leave you with this amusing clip of Robert Tilton. Click here for the vid It is really worth a watch. The first photo of a black hole, situated in the far off galaxy labeled M87; a short, hop, step and large jump, of more than 50 million light years away, has generated enormous excitement in the world of astronomy.

    This scientific 'miracle' was achieved via a hook up of multiple telescopes from the northern hemisphere, right down to Antarctica. Black holes are a compacting convolution of gravitational pull, from a dead star, that not even light can escape from. Such is the gravitational force that if our Earth were to be sucked into a black hole it would be reduced to the size of a thimble.

    There have been a lot of astrological articles written on black holes and the Galactic Centre since the publication of the photo. For starters, I want to clarify that the black hole photographed was not the Galactic Centre of 27 degrees Sagittarius, appearing in many astro articles. I have written on this one before and may do again soon. The photographed black hole isn't even in our galaxy. It is was situated at a much greater distance, is around two thousand times bigger and positioned in the Virgo cluster, appearing on the ecliptic at 02LIB If we are to define it astrologically, or at least within our zodiacal terms, it's early in the sign of Libra — symbolised by the scales of justice.

    Not a lot has been assigned to black holes. But quite often a new discovery aligns with the events of the times. And that was only five days after William Herschel discovered Uranus. Therefore, we might attribute M87 with some of the unpredictable qualities of Uranus. It was the largest battle of the south.

    Paramahana Yogananda: Autobiography of a Yogi

    Although the British prevailed, their losses and subsequent change of plans unwittingly led to eventual defeat that same year. Incorporating a meaning suggests a costly victory that precedes a reversal ending in loss. Of course there is always the possibility of identifying the great publicity around this first photograph, also with the events near its publication date of April The following morning, at Is he being sucked into a black hole, of shock reversals and independents dominating?

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    What about the incarceration of Julian Assange? Now that was a major headline of someone getting sucked into an abyss. Let's look at it in greater detail. Julian Assange elicits polarised responses. For some, his Wikileaks organisation has been a beacon of light, exposing the underworld machinations of politics, politicians, banks and the military. It was through Wikileaks that the buried truths of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were exposed to a global audience. It was Wikileaks who showed the Democrats maneuvering Hillary Clinton toward nomination whilst undermining her opponent Bernie Sanders.

    They revealed the duplicitous content of her exorbitantly paid speeches to Goldman Sachs. Yet others see this as plainly meddling in an American election and favoring Donald Trump. For that alone Assange has gone from hero to villain overnight. And now it is the Trump administration who are seeking his extradition to face the US courts. Julian Assange was born July 3 He should know. After all he is an investigative reporter. Current events also confirm that time. His birth Ascendant is conjunct shape-shifting Neptune evoking his covert activities and ability to seamlessly elicit information.

    The Neptune is aided by a conjunction with fortunate Jupiter, and all are opposed to establishment Saturn. His rebellious nature is exemplified his Sun in a tight square to Uranus; a planet also attached to technology when angled to Jupiter, which his Sun is via a sesquisquare. Assange was a computer obsessive during his teens and by an accomplished hacker. Fear of discovery led to a broken relationship, an escape to the bush and subsequent depression.

    In Julian was arrested, after a fellow member of his group the 'International Subversives' gave him up. At his trial, two years later, the judge found that he wasn't doing this for any personal gain, but more out of intellectual curiosity. Assange complained at his sentence, protesting: ''Your honour, I feel a great misjustice has been done. I would like to record the fact that you have been misled by the prosecution in terms of the charges … and a number of other matters.


    Great Britain made it abundantly clear that this arrest was undertaken at the request of a greater oppressor — the US government. Ironically, an entity that hacks into virtually everything, including allied leaders, such as Angela Merkl. Big brother is a fact of life and whistle blowers like Assange or Edward Snowden, are mortal enemies.

    There was little doubt the USA was committing atrocities in its 'liberation' of Iraq. Some were unveiled with the abuse pictures of Abu Ghraib prisoners, in April But that was just the tip of an iceberg of military cover-ups. Instead the public were feted with images of George W Bush declaring Mission Accomplished, or the Pentagon propaganda of Jessica Lynch's heroics which, to her credit, she totally debunked.

    Enter Bradley now Chelsea Manning, born December 17 in Oklahoma City, who decided that the world should know better. Manning found a willing publisher in Assange. By April 5 , a shocking video of a US Apache helicopter massacring civilians and journalists found its way onto the Internet, along with a treasure trove of classified and damning information.

    Manning's rebelliousness was a birthmark. She was born with an outspoken Sagittarian Sun conjunct iconoclastic Uranus and newsworthy Mercury. Tied to this, making a quadruple conjunction, was serious Saturn, the doyen of responsibility. It was when rule-breaking Uranus came to square the Sun, Saturn, Uranus combo, that Manning first sent sensitive material off to Wikileaks.

    Manning was arrested on May 27 , accused of espionage and placed in solitary confinement on suicide watch. Despite official complaints about Manning's inhumane treatment while in detention, President Barack Obama, insisted all was well. His Assistant Sec of State, P. Rowley, disagreed, describing the Pentagon's punishment as 'ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid. On August 21 , the now Chelsea Manning was sentenced to thirty five years in prison. After serving six of them, Manning's sentence was commuted by President Obama on January 17 It didn't take long for the incoming President Donald Trump to tweet that Manning was an ungrateful traitor who should never have been released.

    From March 19 this year, Manning is now back behind bars having refused to comply with a subpoena from a fresh investigation into Assange's activities. Trump of course, whose lack of transparency is legendary, despises whistle blowers. His supposed love of Wikileaks, advantageous at the time, was always going to backfire on Assange. An interesting sidelight to this is the action by the lapdog Australian government in refusing Manning entry to the country for a speaking tour in It mattered little as the organisers instead transferred Manning's talk to a live hook up, broadcast at the Sydney Opera House.

    In stark contrast to Australia's kowtowing, New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and her government allowed entry declaring 'we are a nation that defends free speech. Ecuador's President, Lenin Moreno, said that he'd been given assurances from the British that Assange would not be transported to a country where he could face torture or the death penalty. The decision did not go down well with Ecuador's previous president of ten years plus, Rafael Correa.

    Moreno is a corrupt man, but what he has done is a crime that humanity will never forget. The arrest was always going to happen. For the record, Moreno's dominating Pluto sits on Assange's Midheaven controlling his status and reputation. Moreno's unpredictable Uranus is at Assange's birth Sun. Altogether an unfortunate synastry for the Wikileaks founder. But planetwise Assange's Secondary Progressing Midheaven had reached the square to his Sun and also Uranus, so a move was surely on the cards.

    This year's next Solar Eclipse on Assange's birthday is naturally on his birth Sun. In his Secondary Progressed Sun will square his Jupiter, indicating the judicial battle ahead. The transit of Jupiter will opose his Sun. The progressed aspect is already operational. It makes the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January even more significant, as that falls right across the mercurial axis. This case has far greater ramifications for journalism and news.

    The first Full Moon of is also a lunar eclipse and will occur with the Sun and media Mercury together and both in a testing semisquare to aggressive Mars. This formation has only happened once before in the last century, way back on December 10 of I expect it to involve trouble concerning the free press and possible danger involving investigative journalists.

    The last occurrence of a Sun Mercury union at a Full Moon, with Mars so involved, occurred the day before the machine gun murder of famous American writer, Walter Liggett. It was a revenge killing by Minnesota crime czar Isadore Blumenfeld, who escaped jail time, despite the testimony of four eyewitnesses.

    Ligget's great claim to fame was the exposure of organised crime in the USA. Mention May , to any French national aware of their nation's history, and they'll recall it as a defining time in the political directions of France. Protests tore throughout the land, leading many to thinking they were experiencing another revolution. Millions joined the cause, grinding the economy to a halt. The troubles began with students rebelling against a pervading materialist culture of US led consumer capitalism, imperialism Vietnam and authoritarianism. Student agitation spread onto the unions and factory workers, eventually engulfing one fifth of the population.

    It was only after the President promised new elections, that the rioting and sit-ins subsided, almost as quickly as they had begun. The significance of May , from the planetary perspective, was that it showed a strong reactivation of the September 21 , First Republic horoscope. This defining national horoscope remains a reliable barometer of national events and their probable ramifications. The First Republic chart inevitably comes up trumps, whenever revolutionary energy moves into overdrive.

    I should clarify that Nick Campion, along with the Encyclopedia Brittanica, claim September 21 as the defining date, representing the first meeting of the new National Assembly and abolition of the crown. Others claim September 22, for when the Republic was proclaimed. I find the 21st of September chart responds better for most pivotal events.

    Either way the dominant planetary aspect of both days is a crucial T-Square, comprising a tight opposition of revolutionary Uranus opposite purgative Pluto with Mars squaring both and at the apex Midheaven. Activation of this pattern, times further revolutionary movements. Back in , the signals could hardly be move obvious. The planet of revolution, Uranus, had come to join the French leadership Sun from the start of the year.

    Penetrating Pluto was also uniting with the Republic's Mercury, intensifying the national narrative and media coverage.