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It could be a tough task this week to balance your life between keeping your boss and sweetheart happy. You may as well let one of them know, probably your friend or sweetheart, that you are not going to be as available. When it concerns business, associate yourself with people you trust and admire. PISCES: Love may be on your mind, but there are other necessary ingredients for an intimate relationship to be long lasting. No longer will love and romance be enough to satisfy your every wish. A partner will also need to provide a spiritual soul connection to keep your interest.

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Get the latest cosmic news, straight to your inbox. Close search. She will help you feel positive, inspired and excited to move forward. Yoga Burn View details. Archangels On the day you were born, three divine beings, Archangels, were present at your both and chose you!

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Who are your three Guardian Angels. What this ancient calendar reveals about your destiny will surprise you. Life Harmonized Community Life Harmonized, the global online destination for helping you Manifest Your Ideal life, offers innovative, heart-based, science-proven tools and programs created by Founder and Chief Harmonizer Mashhur Anam.

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Textbook astrology paints a picture of them as aloof, even standoffish, and if their close friends or associates are a tad insecure they can take it personally, when really it is nothing to do with anyone else, it is just Mr. Aquarius doing their own thing. A needy person is definitely not for the Aquarian.

They are the least judgmental sign, and quick to offer a hand to those less fortunate. When it comes to style, they are unique; different and original—they may not follow the trend of the moment, but they will always look creatively put together! What's interesting is - I'm a Capricorn, so Aquarius is the following sign in the progression of the zodiac; it represents what Capricorn will become—the next step, in other words.

So I'm intrigued by and attracted to the next evolutionary phase. HB : Why do you think those who love fashion are also so interested in astrology? JA : Astrology, like fashion, is an expression of who you are. Whether it's casual, business, social, or a touch of glamour with a personalized, creative spin, people who love fashion are interested in exploring and expressing who they are. Fashion helps you express your essence and identity outwardly, through your personal appearance and overall image. Astrology is who you are on the inside, how you relate to the world, your character and spiritual self.

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  7. One's fashion sense arises out of the qualities of your astrological make-up; your Sun sign and, most definitely, through your rising sign—the sign that was coming up over the Eastern horizon at your birth. That's a basic element of your birth chart. The rising sign affects one's style, persona and other aspects of appearance. Interest in fashion arises from a basic appetite for life's experiences—the potential joy of being a spiritual soul living in a physical body! When you have a healthy appetite for life, when you want to feel great about yourself and expand your life to its most fulfilling dimension, it's natural to be curious about the mystery behind it all.

    And of course, smart women and men!

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    Fashion enriches the experience! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Duchess Meghan Champions Women's Education. Key Words: News of travel is in the stars; you could be packing your bags. Take charge at work. Focus on the solution not the problem, especially with money. For romance, connect with someone both physically and spiritually. Be careful of keeping a secret from someone special. Your instincts rule. Planetary influences could throw love and work plans into chaos.

    What happens next can be a blessing in disguise. Your next move can have a major effect on the outcome of future events - stay the course. With love, a wish can magically be granted. Speak from your heart. Good news on the love front!

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    Your popularity rating is soaring high. Project an air of confidence to get noticed.

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    And just be your usual witty and entertaining self to attract love. Money matters need attention - take control. A close relationship can demand transparency - be open and honest and trust your instincts. When you meet your match at work, it can kick start your competitive spirit into action. For you, Leo, mixing business with pleasure is a successful formula!

    Love stars are empowering! You can wipe the slate clean with a current flame, or it can be the start of a new wonderful romance. It's a perfect time to get your dreams and goals set. A conversation with someone can provide you with a flash of insight that leads to a realization.

    It will be up to you to make it right.

    Be careful of what you say to whom and how you say it. Prepare to impress the boss. An opportunity at work can come your way, so don't cut corners. Your performance needs to be top-notch right now.