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She is in tune with the fundamental forces of life and nature and is moved by the great tides and events of human experience. The Scorpio woman should never be taken lightly. A Scorpio woman wants her certainties to remain just so — absolutely rock steady and assured. She wants to understand everything and knows how to craft just the right question to obtain the answers she seeks. They are fearless and stubborn and even when life gets a little tricky they merely take it on the chin and keep going.

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Read also. High school students perform chemistry Exam. Weather forecast: Cairo faces 40 degrees Celsius. The modern approach would be to use the day chart formula since whether the chart is a day or night chart is not distinguished in this approach:. Because we are dealing with the numbers of the Ascendant and without knowing the birth time to the second which is the case for the vast majority of us, we can safely round off to degrees and minutes without compromising accuracy to see WHY this is the case, see this article.

So, I will work with the following:.

The Ascendant is 24 Libra Zero degrees Libra is degrees, so we will add 00 to 24 40 to arrive at the value 40 for the Ascendant. Moon is 23 Sagittarius Zero degrees Sagittarius is degrees, so we will add 00 to 23 16 to arrive at the value of 16 for the Moon. Sun is 23 Aquarius Zero degrees Aquarius is degrees, so we will add 00 to 23 22 to arrive at the value 22 for the Sun. Then we convert 34 to 24 Leo This is because city coordinates fall within a range, and all coordinates within that range can be considered correct.

Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. God prolong your age and beyond bad about you. I see that this dream Bishara married if you are not married. On the whole. Inquiry Security Code Send.

Hello Madam I Yamina girl at the age of fifteen. Mom human being tough mood and do not know how to deal with them or behave. They are like the. Form in which you describe as your mother seems to me it is an old case, and it seems that your father either he knows why or go back on. Hello Madam I have a problem caused me psychological condition unobtrusive to the point where I feel I have become crazy, I neglected my health and even my job. Young first shock was over and walked in your life. The second young man, you are to blame.

Why putting you and Tatdhiran? There will be about you and Tbakan. Lemarocaujourdhui Google. En Ce Moment. The disc of the moon is covering the sun Magical views from top of the world for solar eclipse Solar eclipse. Longyearbyen - Arab Today All eyes were on the skies early Friday for a solar eclipse set to offer spectacular views, from selected airplane seats, European countries with the right weather and a remote Arctic archipelago. Europeans got their first glimpse Read more. Hong Kong - Arab Today The Year of the Horse brought catastrophic international air accidents, brutal terror attacks, global political upheaval, a resurgent Ebola virus and war -- and, in Hong Kong, large-scale civil unrest.

But fortune tellers Prahlad Jani has undergone medical experiments in the past.

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Mumbai - Arabstoday Prahlad Jani has undergone medical experiments in the past An Indian saint has claimed that he has been living without food and water since Prahlad Jani says he is entering his 73rd year of hunger, having spent the last 72 years in meditation. The Read more.

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An insight into what the New Year will bring based on horoscopes. Beirut - Georges Chahine An insight into what the New Year will bring based on horoscopes On the evening of the New Year, the Lebanese astronomer, Samir Tanab offered a comprehensive presentation of his forecasts for the Lebanese politicians on several levels.


His expectations included the President and Speaker Read more. A man and a woman cast their votes in a school used as a voting center in Al-Arish city, north Sinai.

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London - Arabstoday Dark matter keeps scientists in dark A new study of dark matter, the mysterious hidden stuff thought to pervade the universe, casts doubt on a previous finding that offered hope that dark matter had finally been seen. In , a European-Russian satellite called Payload for Read more. London - Arabstoday Space worms could help Mars travel The answer to how humans might react to long stints in the high-radiation and low-gravity environment of deep space may lie in microscopic worms that came from a trash heap in Bristol , England.

In , scientists from the Read more. Toutes ou Plus d'actu Astrologie et Horoscopes. Demographic data of Norwegians born Sun may determine lifespan at birth Solar activity Paris - Arab Today Could the Sun be your lucky -- or unlucky -- star? In an unusual study published Wednesday, Norwegian scientists said people born during periods of solar calm may live longer, as much as five years on average, than those who enter the world when the Sun is feisty.

The team overlaid demographic data of Norwegians born between Plus d'actu Voyance. Horoscope et Amour.

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March 28, This isn't a good time to gamble. Even if an investment seems like a sure thing, it could undermine your financial security.

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Keep your money safe in the bank. If a loved one is clamouring to make a big purchase, sit down together and review. Cancer June 21 - July