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  1. Analytic Number Theory, Modular Forms and q-Hypergeometric Series!
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Graduate students, research mathematicians, as well as computer scientists and engineers who are interested in pure and interdisciplinary research, will find this volume a useful resource. Friedlander, Kevin Ford, Daniel A. Goldston, Steven M. Gonek, Andrew Granville, Adam J. Harper, Glyn Harman, D. Lapidus, Oleg Lazarev, Andrew H.

Ledoan, Robert J. Miller, Hugh L. Montgomery, Melvyn B. Ben Green Tamar Ziegler. Annals of Probability 40 , Tim Austin Tanja Eisner. Linear approximate groups. Emmanuel Breuillard Ben Green. Yet another proof of Szemeredi's theorem. Suzuki groups as expanders. Approximate subgroups of linear groups. Expansion in simple groups of Lie type. Deterministic methods to find primes. Ernie Croot Harald Helfgott. Large values of the Gowers-Host-Kra seminorms. Probability theory and related fields , Random matrices: Universal properties of Eigenvectors. An incidence theorem in higher dimensions.

Noncommutative sets of small doubling. The structure of approximate groups. A nilpotent Freiman dimension lemma. Random matrices: Sharp concentration of eigenvalues. E pluribus unum: from complexity, universality. Daedalus 3 Summer Web version. New bounds for Szemeredi's theorem, Ia: Progressions of length 4 in finite field geometries revisited.

Submitted, Proc. Random matrices: Universality of local spectral statistics of non-Hermitian matrices.

Maksym Radziwiłł's articles on arXiv

Annals of Prob. On sets defining few ordinary lines. Expanding polynomials over finite fields of large characteristic, and a regularity lemma for definable sets. Multiple recurrence in quasirandom groups. Mixing for progressions in nonabelian groups. Local universality of zeroes of random polynomials.

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International Mathematics Research Notices ; doi: Algebraic combinatorial geometry: the polynomial method in arithmetic combinatorics, incidence combinatorics, and number theory. New equidistribution results of Zhang type. Variants of the Selberg sieve, and bounded intervals containing many primes.

Research in the Mathematical Sciences Large gaps between consecutive prime numbers. Annals Math. Narrow progressions in the primes. Analytic number theory, —, Springer, Cham, Newsletter of the European Mathematical Society, Dec Issue 94, The Elliott-Halberstam conjecture implies the Vinogradov least quadratic nonresidue conjecture. Random matrices have simple spectrum. Combinatorica 37 , no. Long gaps in the primes. Kaisa Matomaki Maksym Radziwill. Random matrices: tail bounds for gaps between eigenvalues. Hoi Nguyen Van Vu. Theory Related Fields , no. Inverse theorems for sets and measures of polynomial growth.

Sign patterns for the Liouville and Mobius functions. Forum Math. Sigma 4 , e14, 44 pp. The logarithmically averaged Chowla and Elliott conjectures for two-point correlations. Pi 4 , e8, 36 pp. The Erdos discrepancy problem. Discrete Analysis , 26 pp. Chains of large gaps between primes. Kevin Ford James Maynard.

5.5 H. Iwaniec : Automorphic forms in recent developments of analytic number theory

Sum-avoiding subsets in groups. Discrete Analysis , 31 pp. Survey: J. Concatenation theorems for anti-Gowers-uniform functions and Host-Kra characteristic factors. To appear, Discrete Analysis. Polynomial patterns in the primes. Pi 6 , e1, 60 pp. Equivalence of the logarithmically averaged Chowla and Sarnak conjectures. Tichy's 60th birthday. An integration approach to the Toeplitz square peg problem. Sigma 5 , e Some remarks on the lonely runner conjecture. To appear , Contrib. A bound on partitioning clusters.

Correlations of the von Mangoldt and higher divisor functions I. Long shift ranges. To appear , Proc. The structure of logarithmically averaged correlations of multiplicative functions, with applications to the Chowla and Elliott conjectures. To appear, Duke Math. Odd order cases of the logarithmically averaged Chowla conjecture. Nicolas Bergeron. New Trends in Approximation Theory. Javad Mashreghi. Additive Number Theory. David Chudnovsky. Harmonic and Complex Analysis and its Applications.

Alexander Vasil'ev. Valerio Capraro. The Master Algorithm. Pedro Domingos. History of Functional Analysis. An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography. Jeffrey Hoffstein. Mathematics Without Boundaries.

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Panos M. Handbook of the Geometry of Banach Spaces. Single Digits. Marc Chamberland. Number Theory and Related Fields. Igor Shparlinski. Rational Points on Elliptic Curves. Joseph H. Open Problems in Mathematics. John Forbes Nash. Coding Theory and Applications. Raquel Pinto. Function Spaces and Partial Differential Equations. Ali Taheri.

Applied Number Theory. Harald Niederreiter. Thinking in Problems. Alexander A. Introduction to Cryptography with Maple. Functional Equations on Hypergroups. Random Obstacle Problems. Lorenzo Zambotti. Compressed Sensing and its Applications. Holger Boche. Arnaud Debussche. Annalisa Buffa. Composite Asymptotic Expansions. Augustin Fruchard. Ming Li. Juha Heinonen. Prime Numbers and Computer Methods for Factorization.

Hans Riesel. Tetsuya Sakurai. Groupoid Metrization Theory. Dorina Mitrea. An Introductory Course in Lebesgue Spaces. Rene Erlin Castillo. Numerical Methods and Applications. Ivan Dimov. Convex Functions and Their Applications. Constantin P.

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Advances in Stochastic and Deterministic Global Optimization. Lie Groups. Daniel Bump. Numerical Analysis and Its Applications. Operational Research. Knots and Primes.