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Birthday Horoscope November 11th

I now know why I'm so complex, sometimes too much for men. I find it easier to be alone than go through deep emotional upheaval. I'm jealous, mysterious, deep, smarter than most. People are drawn to me, they bore me.

Love and Compatibility for November 11 Zodiac

I'm a great sucess in Business. Romantic relationships elude me, so, I gave up. Life sucks without love. Puddypudge Man, this is so accurate. Deezy,The Ire Monk Fellow scorps,Lets assasinate the person who uncovered such spot-on points about us for revealin trait secrets. P I feel relieved going through all this. Tommy Jeez, who is watching my life, and accurately depicting in here?

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Life is always changing, something I don't care for. I found this post to be somewhat accurate. Scorpios love to be reassured by there partners. It's important to be very outspoken with your feelings and not be afraid of being too over bearing. Real Bliss All the best for ur soul mate.

Gin I'm in love with a Scorpio for almost 5 year's now. He doesn't believe I love him.

I'm a Capricorn. Love this guy with all my heart really don't know how to convince him or show how much I really love him. I don't understand going crazy.

Daily Astrology Horoscope: November 11 - Sun sextile Pluto

Anyone have suggestions. I can't see myself without him. He would either not come back or even if he would come back it would be for a short period of time until he makes up the same problem again annnnnnd if he does make up the same problem this means he is stalling because he is not sure of how much he loves you and weather this relationship is really what he wants.

Or assumption he maybe believe his self always finding a possibility you don't love him ans hes convinced by it he doesn't. You will b like dose who all want that easy simple relationship no argueing just silence and happyness but yo man sitting b4 ur eyes. Isnt as aware as u think. Lk hang in their believe me I'm a. Von The accuracy is terrifying.

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Sameer I was born on 11 November.. All you said is totally right but the problem is I want to marry with a girl who born on 10, 11 November. Rt what is your birth year? Eli Daniel I was born on the 11th of November and all you said is the real reflection of me it's like you went on the inside to study me more over I thank you for the confirmation now more things are clear to me than before. Keep up the good work. Eli Amad Siri i feel like you on the inside! Joe and Rio are my reality. I found my passion in April now I just have to work! Working for yourself towards your future is so much easier than beating your body up working for other people.

Eshant finally i know the reason of my depression thank you Siri I was borne on 11 November and the forecast as given above is very accurate on me on so many aspects. Yes I am very hardworking, physically very fit, emotional at times, very loyal to my family, people say that I am very intelligent and very witty while not accepting a 'NO' for an answer in a hurry.

I am highly educated with three masters degrees and a PhD. I have done about 18 different jobs, including at an international organisation, and have made my money. I live in a very comfortable double story house worth at least a million dollars. Being a lover of agriculture and nature I posses a mixed farm which I am delighted to have purchased at a pretty young age.

Keep your plans flexible today. The moon is in your sign today, Cancer! Make time for self care: treat yourself to a delicious meal, snuggle with someone you love. Surprises pop up in your social life today—an unexpected meeting may take place! The moon is in psychic water sign Cancer today, lighting up a very sensitive sector of your chart, Leo. Make time for rest and meditation. A brilliant eureka moment is sure to arrive. The moon is in Cancer today, illuminating the friendship sector of your chart, Virgo, and some unexpected meetings and opportunities come your way!

The moon is in Cancer today, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation, Libra. An exciting twist arrives today, finding you moving in a new direction. The moon is in fellow water sign Cancer today, encouraging you to step out of your usual routine, Scorpio. Your partners will certainly help you do that today, as surprises pop up in your relationships and you might meet some very unusual people.

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Let her good wishes come true!

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