Sun enters Scorpio

You might be giving birth or releasing your attachment to one of your kids if they are getting older and need to start branching out with greater independence. Although it won't be easy for you, you know it must be done. Mars will move into your earned income sector by December 31, aggravating expenses but also ramping up your ambition to make even more money in Uh oh -- this is only half the story! Clinton to Trump: Do your job!

Best day to start a business astrology 12222

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Choose your sign. What to Read Next. The total Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, could pose a new challenge for Pisces with inherent financial results. During this period there are developments with taxes, loans, insurance or testaments. Financial issues are connected to the partner, both private and business, so there may be a termination of a contract, divorce or the disintegration of a business partnership. This period offers financial benefits through network activities and social contacts.

From December 21, , the Winter Solstice, Pisces can count on financial support on the basis of friendship, but you are also expected to make sacrifices on your part.


Give and take, Pisces. Family and Home From February 15 to March 31, , the transit of Mars in Taurus can lead to conflicts with close relatives, because you will not mince your words during this period. During this dynamic period, there is unrest and change at home or in the family. A favorable period for buying or building a house or property, a renovation, relocation or projects on and around the house. From May 17 to July 1, , the transit of Mars in Cancer indicates a strong attitude and need to express yourself and to be yourself. The Full Moon of May 18, in Scorpio can be the reason for a joint journey, freelance work at home or the realization of a home office.

From June 21, , with the Summer Solstice, the focus will be on children. The total Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, affects children, so the second half of is dominated by your children, children of your partner, children in the family or children in your immediate environment. This period requires a different form of communication or other school choice or study direction.

It is possible that, after a long time, Pisces decides to end difficult or irreparable ties with close family members. From September until the beginning of December there can be a period of ups and downs. From December 3 to December 2, , the influence of Jupiter in Capricorn can lead to better relationships and a positive approach in the family. Friendship will play a major role. Health The year is a year of physical and mental energy. As Summer approaches, it is good to focus on a new diet or lifestyle. Physical and mental relaxation is also indispensable this year.

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 21, falls into your House of Health and reveals hidden pain and secret desires in the coming six months. Releasing old pain and karma is necessary in order to go on. This Lunar Eclipse shows in the next six months the need for ergonomic adaptations at work and more relaxation and pleasure in daily life.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

The period from February 19, , with the Sun in Pisces, shows good physical and mental health for Pisces. From March 22, , the Spring Equinox, Pisces may have to deal with nervous tensions, bones and back. Regular exercises are necessary for your posture. Got a big announcement to drop or a creation to debut?

Pisces Horoscope: December 2018

Craft that viral post and book the venue! With imaginative Neptune hovering near the full moon, everything you touch will be imbued with an extra hit of glamour and magnetism. Since April 29, many Pisces found it tough to rally the troops or get your team to pull their weight. Quality over quantity! You could be promoted to a leadership role in a group or invited to join a prestigious members-only society.

It might take prioritizing and planning, but it will be well worth it when your tanks are refilled.

Libra (September 22 - October 23)

Slip off the grid to rejuvenate starting September 23, when the Sun plunges into Libra and your private, restorative eighth house. With el Sol heating up this erotic sector, a mind-body-soul connection could turn into a sizzling fall romance, especially at the September 28 Libra new moon.

The eighth house rules shared finances and investments, and over the next four weeks, you could find ways to make your money work harder for you.

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The new moon could serve up an opportunity to join forces with a fellow power player before the month ends. Take your time: new moons can take up to six months to fully yield their harvest.